Totally 80’s,
Totally Murder

Presented by the professional actors of
The Murder Mystery Company

Poison Ratenstein is in town for a killer concert, but his fans may be looking for a refund after this twisted tour turns tragic with a murder and a mystery to solve. This radical show could be super lame if no one can solve who was buggin’ so we can all cool out and get the show started! Help the crowd and the detective figure out who ruined this totally tubular night, so everyone can, like, take a chill pill.

Make sure you are dressed with the times for this 80’s murder mystery party or someone may ask you to bag your head! Grab your most righteous ‘80s concert gear to rock out in style while you solve a crime with your friends. Jean jackets and spandex leggings, big hair, bangles, leg warmers, and ripped jeans will be all the rage at this rocking night of mystery. See you there!
shows what to wear for an 80s costume like loud colors, spiky hair, and leg warmers

Join Laser Flash and
The Murder Mystery Company for
“Totally 80’s, Totally Murder”
on Wednesday, November 11th

**A limited number of tickets are available for this event to ensure physical distancing. Additionally, Laser Flash will be closed to the public all day for cleaning in preparation for the evening fun.**

Due to adult themes, language, and beer & wine availability, all guests must be 21+

Ticket purchase includes admission, dinner (Noble Roman’s pizza, breadsticks, salad with fountain drink & Lindor Truffle), and an arcade card.

Beer & wine available for purchase.

Sequence of events

  • Doors open at 6pm:

    Please arrive as close to 6pm as possible to present your ticket at the front counter. Once redeemed, your ticket includes a $5 arcade card which will have additional credit on the card for dinner (Noble Roman’s pizza, breadsticks, salad, and fountain drink). Beer & wine may be purchased as well as additional arcade and/or food.

  • 6pm – 7pm:

    Guests eat, drink, and mingle as everyone arrives. Some of the more outgoing guests at the event will be chosen to play the parts of suspects, but EVERYONE gets to help solve the crime.

  • 7pm: Act I

    Everyone takes their seats and rules are explained. Actors then introduce guests playing suspects, and a murder takes place!

  • 7:45pm: Act II

  • 8:30pm: Act III

  • 9pm: Final Sentencing & Awards


Expect to be steeped in the world of the mystery from the moment you arrive. Every guest gets to be a part of the show in some way. A lucky few will win Detective of the Night!


Costumes are an absolute treat, but if you are not the dressing up type then worry not! Shows include essential costume pieces for select guests in the audience.

shows what to wear for an 80s costume like loud colors, spiky hair, and leg warmers